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Doors for any style of masonry fireplace

Masonry fireplaces are built with brick or stone and usually have a chimney made of the same material. They can be a traditional rectangle opening or a full arched fireplace. No matter the shape or design, we offer a variety of masonry fireplace door options. From a sleek, minimal frame to doors created by a master blacksmith, all of our doors help keep heating and cooling costs down by preventing energy loss through the chimney.

Doors for factory built fireplaces

Unlimited options to elevate the style of your fireplace

A factory-built fireplace often comes with flimsy, basic doors with lots of exposed black metal around the opening. Our ZC and Refresh doors and screens are specifically made to work with your factory built fireplace while adding a new level of style. The Refresh DV screens add safety and style to your gas fireplace. No matter what type of factory-built fireplace you have, we can create the door or screen that will make your fireplace look amazing.

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