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Accent your lifestyle

Stay warm through the coldest winter or chilliest fall or spring. Do you prefer a modern or more traditional look? What level of maintenance is your priority? A gas fireplace gives you the ultimate convenience with wall switches or remote control options. Direct vent gas fireplaces give you low maintenance with high efficiency, perfect for our cold Michigan weather and busy lifestyles. Options can include heat management, blowers, and decorative choices to fit your style and decor.


We are here to help you find the right fireplace for you. We offer installation by our dedicated, trained staff along with continued support and service when needed.



Design flexibility with zero clearance wood fireplaces

If an authentic, live wood fire experience is your style, we can show you a wide selection of wood fireplace designs and sizes to fit your needs. Innovative technology from the leaders in the fireplace industry brings you heat management options, blowers and a variety of door options to compliment your décor. Create that inviting living space that brings warmth for many years to come.


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